weekend photoshoots (18th)

few unedited selects except the colorful one.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

From time to time, I find it great to test my limits and improve my abilities.
If I have an idea I sketch out; seeing if I can get the outcome I enjoy is always fun. No matter how weird. Whether if it works or not, it's always fun to try and learn from the process.
Can go with anything you do, it's better to try then not do anything at all.

Bring in the New Year

I hope your 2017 you build upon yourself with character and adventure ... or more Netflix if that's what your into. I'm going for publication, a funny short film i wrote, and travel with friends. I'm not just saying these, this is what I'll be doing next year. Hope you have that attitude as well with your own projects or goals.

Be good to people & make a person smile everyday. Its rare these days.
Too many fake or negative energy with one another. Stay positive. The rude will bring bad things upon themselves. Some quotes to get you going below.


week of Nov. 20th

Fun video shoot with Model: Erika Nickole Winslow