Stepping away for awhile. Working on old goals of film making which currently writing a script to shoot in 2018. Setting a new path for myself. The past few years have been emotionally draining with losses & dealing with flaky - narcissistic (clients & personal). I'm upping my photoshoot concepts to make them more conceptual and location based. Too much of the same type of photographers in town and I'd like to add more thought into each shoot. More enjoyable with the client and myself. Plan to shoot again in 2018 but if like to shoot sooner, contact me. Always up for it.

weekend photoshoots (18th)

few unedited selects except the colorful one.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

From time to time, I find it great to test my limits and improve my abilities.
If I have an idea I sketch out; seeing if I can get the outcome I enjoy is always fun. No matter how weird. Whether if it works or not, it's always fun to try and learn from the process.
Can go with anything you do, it's better to try then not do anything at all.